Commit eadab44e authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[1613] data mangle wasn't necessary, reverted

parent 46633914
......@@ -177,27 +177,6 @@ TEST_F(AuthSrvTest, builtInQuery) {
checkAllRcodeCountersZeroExcept(Rcode::NOERROR(), 1);
// Callback used in createRequestMessage that mangles the
// wiredata to something that should not be parseable (to test
// really badly formed queries)
// This specific one simply increments every octet in the array
void requestMangler(uint8_t* data, size_t data_len) {
for (size_t i = 0; i < data_len; ++i) {
// Same as buildInQuery, but completely malform the sent query
TEST_F(AuthSrvTest, builtInMalformedQuery) {
UnitTestUtil::createRequestMessage(request_message, Opcode::QUERY(),
default_qid, Name("version.bind"),
RRClass::CH(), RRType::TXT());
createRequestPacket(request_message, IPPROTO_UDP, NULL, &requestMangler);
server.processMessage(*io_message, parse_message, response_obuffer,
checkAllRcodeCountersZeroExcept(Rcode::FORMERR(), 1);
// Same test emulating the UDPServer class behavior (defined in libasiolink).
// This is not a good test in that it assumes internal implementation details
// of UDPServer, but we've encountered a regression due to the introduction
......@@ -72,8 +72,7 @@ SrvTestBase::createDataFromFile(const char* const datafile,
SrvTestBase::createRequestPacket(Message& message,
const int protocol, TSIGContext* context,
void (*callback)(uint8_t*, size_t))
const int protocol, TSIGContext* context)
if (context == NULL) {
......@@ -88,16 +87,9 @@ SrvTestBase::createRequestPacket(Message& message,
io_sock = (protocol == IPPROTO_UDP) ? &IOSocket::getDummyUDPSocket() :
const void *data = request_renderer.getData();
size_t data_len = request_renderer.getLength();
if (callback) {
// convert to non-const uint8_t for easy manipulation by the callback
uint8_t *mdata = const_cast<uint8_t*>(static_cast<const uint8_t*>(data));
callback(mdata, data_len);
io_message = new IOMessage(data, data_len, *io_sock, *endpoint);
io_message = new IOMessage(request_renderer.getData(),
*io_sock, *endpoint);
// Unsupported requests. Should result in NOTIMP.
......@@ -83,16 +83,9 @@ protected:
/// It constructs wire-format DNS packet data from \c message in the
/// form of \c IOMessage in \c io_message.
/// The existing content of \c io_message, if any, will be deleted.
/// If callback is given, it is called after rendering the message,
/// but before 'sending' it; this allows the given callback to modify
/// the data and introduce bad requests that would otherwise be hard
/// to reproduce (it passes the wire-format data as non-const uint8_t,
/// so tread lightly when using this).
void createRequestPacket(isc::dns::Message& message,
const int protocol = IPPROTO_UDP,
isc::dns::TSIGContext* context = NULL,
void (*callback)(uint8_t*, size_t) = NULL);
isc::dns::TSIGContext* context = NULL);
MockSession notify_session;
MockServer dnsserv;
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