Commit ecabe80c authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[2209] Make ConfigurableClientList::reload a wrapper

Since the function is to reload and we provide an object that can
reload, we just get one and call it. It is just to avoid duplicate code.
parent f609865c
...@@ -341,43 +341,17 @@ ConfigurableClientList::findInternal(MutableResult& candidate, ...@@ -341,43 +341,17 @@ ConfigurableClientList::findInternal(MutableResult& candidate,
// and the need_updater parameter is true, get the zone there. // and the need_updater parameter is true, get the zone there.
} }
// We still provide this method for backward compatibility. But to not have
// duplicate code, it is a thin wrapper around getCachedZoneWriter only.
ConfigurableClientList::ReloadResult ConfigurableClientList::ReloadResult
ConfigurableClientList::reload(const Name& name) { ConfigurableClientList::reload(const Name& name) {
if (!allow_cache_) { ZoneWriterPair result(getCachedZoneWriter(name));
return (CACHE_DISABLED); if (result.second) {
} result.second->load();
// Try to find the correct zone. result.second->install();
MutableResult result; result.second->cleanup();
findInternal(result, name, true, true);
if (!result.finder) {
return (ZONE_NOT_FOUND);
// Try to convert the finder to in-memory one. If it is the cache,
// it should work.
// It is of a different type or there's no cache.
if (!>cache_) {
DataSourceClient* client(>data_src_client_);
if (client) {
// Now do the final reload. If it does not exist in client,
// DataSourceError is thrown, which is exactly the result what we
// want, so no need to handle it.
ZoneIteratorPtr iterator(client->getIterator(name));
if (!iterator) {
isc_throw(isc::Unexpected, "Null iterator from " << name);
}>cache_->load(name, *iterator);
} else {
// The MasterFiles special case
const string filename(>cache_->getFileName(name));
if (filename.empty()) {
isc_throw(isc::Unexpected, "Confused about missing both filename "
"and data source");
}>cache_->load(name, filename);
} }
return (ZONE_RELOADED); return (result.first);
} }
namespace { namespace {
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