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[master] ChangeLog updated after #5514 merge.

parent 6a4aac2b
1353. [func] tomek
Lightweight 4over6 options reinstantiated. Definitions for DHCPv6
options 89 through 96 were added back. DHCPv4 v4 Parameters Option
159 has its definition tweaked slightly.
(Trac #5514, git 6a4aac2b3bfffe41460db6d1cd3c55b1430aa50c)
1352. [build] andrei 1352. [build] andrei
Support for coverage tests has been improved. Support for coverage tests has been improved.
(Github #43, git 1949bb3abf71fb3997044d239eb683095166c39f) (Github #43, git 1949bb3abf71fb3997044d239eb683095166c39f)
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