Commit ed0fd7d4 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder

[4206] Fixed Dhcp4 unit test failure under OS-X

    TEST_F(Dhcpv4SrvTest, emptyClientId)
        Added code to set up test interfaces
parent d9180390
......@@ -2663,6 +2663,8 @@ TEST_F(Dhcpv4SrvTest, statisticsUnknownRcvd) {
// This test verifies that the server is able to handle an empty client-id
// in incoming client message.
TEST_F(Dhcpv4SrvTest, emptyClientId) {
IfaceMgrTestConfig test_config(true);
Dhcp4Client client;
EXPECT_NO_THROW(configure(CONFIGS[0], *client.getServer()));
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