Commit ed672a89 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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Merge branch 'trac3074'

parents 3cbdec67 8e5d9458
......@@ -337,6 +337,7 @@ class Init:
return isc.config.ccsession.create_answer(0)
except Exception as e:
logger.error(BIND10_RECONFIGURE_ERROR, e)
return isc.config.ccsession.create_answer(1, str(e))
def get_processes(self):
......@@ -597,6 +598,13 @@ class Init:
process, the log_starting/log_started methods are not used.
# Unsubscribe from the other CC session first, because we only
# monitor one and msgq expects all data sent to us to be read,
# or it will close its side of the socket.
if self.cc_session is not None:
self.ccs = isc.config.ModuleCCSession(SPECFILE_LOCATION,
......@@ -764,9 +772,14 @@ class Init:
it might want to choose if it is for this one).
""", process)
create_command('shutdown', {'pid': pid}),
recipient, recipient)
{'pid': pid}),
recipient, recipient)
logger.error(BIND10_COMPONENT_SHUTDOWN_ERROR, process)
def component_shutdown(self, exitcode=0):
......@@ -325,3 +325,10 @@ the configuration manager to start up. The total length of time Init
will wait for the configuration manager before reporting an error is
set with the command line --wait switch, which has a default value of
ten seconds.
% BIND10_RECONFIGURE_ERROR Error applying new config: %1
A new configuration was received, but there was an error doing the
% BIND10_COMPONENT_SHUTDOWN_ERROR An error occured stopping component %1
An attempt to gracefully shutdown a component failed.
......@@ -525,7 +525,9 @@ class MsgQ:
# Append it to buffer (but check the data go away)
if fileno in self.sendbuffs:
(last_sent, buff) = self.sendbuffs[fileno]
if now - last_sent > 0.1:
tdelta = now - last_sent
if tdelta > 0.1:
logger.error(MSGQ_SOCKET_TIMEOUT_ERROR, fileno, tdelta)
self.kill_socket(fileno, sock)
return False
buff += msg
......@@ -142,3 +142,9 @@ data structure.
% MSGQ_SUBS_NEW_TARGET Creating new target for subscription to group '%1' for instance '%2'
Debug message. Creating a new subscription. Also creating a new data structure
to hold it.
% MSGQ_SOCKET_TIMEOUT_ERROR Killing socket %1 because timeout exceeded (%2)
Outgoing data was queued up on a socket connected to msgq, but the other
side is not reading it. It could be deadlocked, or may not be monitoring
it. Both cases are programming errors and should be corrected. The socket
is closed on the msgq side.
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