Commit ed89ba2b authored by chenzhengzhang's avatar chenzhengzhang
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[trac346] add a remote end for MockSocket for testing

parent 9cf88a2d
......@@ -27,25 +27,29 @@ class MockSocket():
def __init__(self, family, type): = family
self.type = type
self._read_sock, self._write_sock = socket.socketpair()
self._local_sock, self._remote_sock = socket.socketpair()
def connect(self, to):
def fileno(self):
return self._read_sock.fileno()
return self._local_sock.fileno()
def close(self):
def sendto(self, data, flag, dst):
return self._write_sock.send(data)
return self._local_sock.send(data)
def recvfrom(self, length):
data = self._read_sock.recv(length)
data = self._local_sock.recv(length)
return (data, None)
# provide a remote end which can write data to MockSocket for testing.
def remote_end(self):
return self._remote_sock
# We subclass the ZoneNotifyInfo class we're testing here, only
# to override the prepare_notify_out() method.
class MockZoneNotifyInfo(notify_out.ZoneNotifyInfo):
......@@ -137,12 +141,11 @@ class TestNotifyOut(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertEqual(len(timeout_zones), 2)
# Now make one socket be readable
addr = ('localhost', 12340)
self._notify._notify_infos[('', 'IN')].notify_timeout = time.time() + 10
self._notify._notify_infos[('', 'IN')].notify_timeout = time.time() + 10
#Send some data to socket 12340, to make the target socket be readable
self._notify._notify_infos[('', 'IN')]._sock.sendto(b'data', 0, addr)
self._notify._notify_infos[('', 'IN')]._sock.remote_end().send(b'data')
replied_zones, timeout_zones = self._notify._wait_for_notify_reply()
self.assertEqual(len(replied_zones), 1)
self.assertEqual(len(timeout_zones), 1)
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