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[github99] ChangeLog entries 1436-1441 restored, 1442 added.

parent bd242c85
1436. [func] MayyaSunil
Implemented new queries for host reservations by DUID.
1442. [func] MayyaSunil
Implemented new queries for IPv6 leases by DUID.
(Github #99, git c20b5248da1283e596e35ad057ae242f4d613965)
1441. [func] marcin
Added log message indicating that the control socket has been
opened by a server.
(gitlab #8, git 3dbaf4917bea112466f1ee5726870c545950e114)
1440. [func] tmark
The internal represenation of an "unused" subnet-id has been
changed from zero to 0xFFFFFFFF. The largest, valid value for
a subnet's ID is now 0xFFFFFFFE. Three new constants have been
added so subnet_id.h:
which should be used in code/hooks in place of hard-coded values.
(Trac #5704, git 90fe9ca2cd6f63bcc7168bdc3786677db57b65ec)
1439. [func] tomek
keactrl and kea-admin tools can now report version.
(gitlab #9, git 4a00ab5d4b9ac9193fc5f924149aeaca7a88e2ef)
1438. [func] tomek
subnet-id parameter is now optional in lease4-add, lease6-add,
lease4-update and lease6-update commands. If not specified or
its value is zero, Kea will attempt to figure out the correct
value of subnet-id. If there is no matching subnet configured,
the lease will be rejected.
(Trac #5683, git a8ce7a78b5b294e6bce02de887552a1e4593db4e)
1437. [func] tomek
DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 servers are now able to sanity check and
possibly correct some inconsistencies in leases when loaded from
disk (memfile). A new parameter to govern this behavior has been
(Trac #5682, git 609bfa0a67caa91fac6834eb39260acfd19e3be4)
1436. [func] tmark
Added two new configuration paramters to kea-dhcp4 and kea-dhcp6
DhcpDdns sections: 'hostname-char-set' and 'hostname-char-replacment'.
These values (when not empty) are used by the server to sanitize
host name and FQDN domain names sent by clients prior to using them
to construct DNS names.
(Trac #5680, git 32466ab3d4688e66c8c2f9fd24d4a98fcc871ff6)
1435. [func] marcin
Implemented ha-continue command in HA hooks library and
updated the Kea User's Guide with the information how to
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