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[3673] Updated Kea guide with the limitations for the SQL timestamps.

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...@@ -432,6 +432,22 @@ host <replaceable>database-name</replaceable> <replaceable>user-name</repl ...@@ -432,6 +432,22 @@ host <replaceable>database-name</replaceable> <replaceable>user-name</repl
<!-- @todo: document PgSQL upgrade once they are implemented in kea-admin --> <!-- @todo: document PgSQL upgrade once they are implemented in kea-admin -->
</section> </section>
</section> <!-- end of PostgreSQL sections --> </section> <!-- end of PostgreSQL sections -->
<title>Limitations related to the use of the SQL databases</title>
The lease expiration time is stored in the SQL database for each lease
as a timestamp value. Kea developers observed that MySQL database doesn't
accept timestamps beyond 2147483647 seconds (maximum signed 32-bit number)
from the beginning of the epoch. At the same time, some versions of PostgreSQL
do accept greater values but the value is altered when it is read back.
For this reason the lease database backends put the restriction for the
maximum timestamp to be stored in the database, which is equal to the
maximum signed 32-bit number. This effectively means that the current
Kea version can't store the leases which expiration time is later than
2147483647 seconds since the beginning of the epoch (around year 2038).
</section> <!-- End of Database sections --> </section> <!-- End of Database sections -->
</chapter> </chapter>
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