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[master] ChangeLog updated after #5427 merged.

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1404. [doc] tomek
Hooks package installation intruction added to Kea
User's Guide.
(Trac #5427, git 7bc5e4297e8b2ccb87d5d5d79ae066fe32964841)
1403. [build] tomek
Support for hook packages has been updated. The --with-tierX
flags have been removed. Each hook library is now detected
......@@ -17,7 +22,7 @@
message following a dynamic reconfigure.
(Trac #5564, git 5111f569bd251c2a98a2e6d958e8f6b640a1802d)
1400. [func] tmark
1400. [func] tmark
A new hooks library, Stat Cmds, has been added to the open source
distribution. This library provides commands for fetching lease
allocation statistics using lease backend as the source for
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