Commit f037ebb2 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2284] minor comment update about in-memory finder context's getFinder().

with the cleanup in this ticket we can now actually return NULL, but
intermediate status of other #2283 tickets will require non NULL values.
So, it's probably better to keep the behavior with referring to #2283,
instead of #2284.
parent b1d4ff89
......@@ -538,14 +538,14 @@ public:
const RRClass& rrclass, const ZoneFinderResultContext& result) :
ZoneFinder::Context(options, ResultContext(result.code, result.rrset,
finder_(finder), // NOTE: when #2284 is done we won't need this
finder_(finder), // NOTE: when entire #2283 is done we won't need this
rrclass_(rrclass), zone_data_(result.zone_data),
// When #2284 is done this can simply return NULL.
// When all tickets in #2283 are done this can simply return NULL.
virtual ZoneFinder* getFinder() { return (&finder_); }
// We don't use the default protected methods that rely on this method,
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