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......@@ -195,18 +195,16 @@ Debian and Ubuntu:
The latest development code (together with temporary experiments
and un-reviewed code) is available via the Kea code revision
control system. This is powered by Git and all the Kea
development is public.
The leading development is done in the <quote>master</quote>
The latest development code is available on Github (see
<ulink url=""/>). The Kea development
is public and the leading development is done in the <quote>master</quote>
The code can be checked out from
<screen>$ <userinput>git clone git://</userinput></screen>
<screen>$ <userinput>git clone</userinput></screen>
......@@ -223,6 +221,20 @@ Debian and Ubuntu:
and related commands.
The write access to Kea repository is only granted to ISC staff. If you
are a developer planning to contribute to Kea, please fork our Github
repository and use the "pull request" mechanism to request integration of
your code into our repository. Please consult
<ulink url=""/> for help
how to fork a Github repository.
<ulink url="">
Kea Developer's Guide</ulink> contains information and guidelines for
the contributors about the process of integrating the code via
pull requests. It also contains the requirements for the contributed
code to be accepted by ISC.
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