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@page unitTests Building Kea with Unit Tests
By default, Kea is built without unit-tests as they're used mostly by
developers and prospective contributors. Kea's unit-tests are using
<a href="">gtest framework</a> from
Google. Google's approach has changed over the years. For some time,
they were very keen on not installing gtest as a normal software would
be, but rather provide gtest as sources. This was further complicated
with the fact that some Linux distributions packaged gtest and tried
to mimic its installation. Kea tries its best to accommodate all typical
situations and provides two switches to point to gtest. You can use
`--with-gtest` or `--with-gtest-source`. Both attempt to locate gtest
on their own. However, if neither of them can find it, you can specify
the path explicitly. For example, on ubuntu with googletest package installed,
you can do the following for Kea to find it:
sudo apt install googletest
./configure --with-gtest-source=/usr/src/googletest
Depending on how you compiled or installed \c gtest (e.g. from sources
or using some package management system) one of those two switches will
find \c gtest. After that you make and run the unit-tests with:
make check
As usual, using \c -jX option will speed up compilation. This parameter is
even more useful for unit-tests as there are over 6000 unit-tests and their
compilation is significantly slower than just the production Kea sources.
@section unitTestsEnvironmentVariables Environment Variables
The following environment variable can affect the unit tests:
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