Commit f3a43f9c authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[5099] Implemented asyncSend variant without the 2-byte count.

parent dba214ec
......@@ -113,6 +113,19 @@ public:
virtual void asyncSend(const void* data, size_t length,
const IOEndpoint* endpoint, C& callback);
/// \brief Send Asynchronously without count.
/// This variant of the method sends data over the TCP socket without
/// preceding the data with a data count. Eventually, we should migrate
/// the virtual method to not insert the count but there are existing
/// classes using the count. Once this migration is done, the existing
/// virtual method should be replaced by this method.
/// \param data Data to send
/// \param length Length of data to send
/// \param callback Callback object.
void asyncSend(const void* data, size_t length, C& callback);
/// \brief Receive Asynchronously
/// Calls the underlying socket's async_receive() method to read a packet
......@@ -248,6 +261,30 @@ TCPSocket<C>::open(const IOEndpoint* endpoint, C& callback) {
// Send a message. Should never do this if the socket is not open, so throw
// an exception if this is the case.
template <typename C> void
TCPSocket<C>::asyncSend(const void* data, size_t length, C& callback)
if (socket_.is_open()) {
try {
send_buffer_.reset(new isc::util::OutputBuffer(length));
send_buffer_->writeData(data, length);
// Send the data.
} catch (boost::numeric::bad_numeric_cast&) {
"attempt to send buffer larger than 64kB");
} else {
"attempt to send on a TCP socket that is not open");
template <typename C> void
TCPSocket<C>::asyncSend(const void* data, size_t length,
const IOEndpoint*, C& callback)
......@@ -262,7 +299,8 @@ TCPSocket<C>::asyncSend(const void* data, size_t length,
uint16_t count = boost::numeric_cast<uint16_t>(length);
// Copy data into a buffer preceded by the count field.
send_buffer_.reset(new isc::util::OutputBuffer(length));
send_buffer_.reset(new isc::util::OutputBuffer(length + 2));
send_buffer_->writeData(data, length);
// ... and send it
......@@ -67,9 +67,8 @@ HttpConnection::doRead() {
HttpConnection::doWrite() {
if (!output_buf_.empty()) {
TCPEndpoint endpoint;
output_buf_.length(), &endpoint,
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