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[master] update docstring for ModuleCCSession

mainly to add an explanation for handle_logging_config
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......@@ -142,14 +142,29 @@ class ModuleCCSession(ConfigData):
callbacks are called when 'check_command' is called on the
def __init__(self, spec_file_name, config_handler, command_handler, cc_session = None, handle_logging_config = False):
def __init__(self, spec_file_name, config_handler, command_handler, cc_session=None, handle_logging_config=False):
"""Initialize a ModuleCCSession. This does *NOT* send the
specification and request the configuration yet. Use start()
for that once the ModuleCCSession has been initialized.
specfile_name is the path to the specification file
specfile_name is the path to the specification file.
config_handler and command_handler are callback functions,
see set_config_handler and set_command_handler for more
information on their signatures."""
information on their signatures.
cc_session can be used to pass in an existing CCSession,
if it is None, one will be set up. This is mainly intended
for testing purposes.
handle_logging_config: if True, the module session will
automatically handle logging configuration for the module;
it will read the system-wide Logging configuration and call
the logger manager to apply it. It will also inform the
logger manager when the logging configuration gets updated.
The module does not need to do anything except intializing
its loggers, and provide log messages
module_spec = isc.config.module_spec_from_file(spec_file_name)
ConfigData.__init__(self, module_spec)
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