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[11-keactrl-test-verifying-version-output-for-various-daemons-fails-on-macos] updated Changelog before merge
parent a34b6904
1441. [bug] tomek
keactrl version tests now work properly on MacOS.
(Gitlab #11, git a24aa03879991e9a917042159df602a65f9c18bb)
1444. [bug] tomek
keactrl version tests now work properly on macOS.
(Gitlab #11, git 52c0e6e2eec550e9e874d721c7e43149bcf83f35)
1443. [func] tmark
kea-dhcp4 now supports global host reservations and a new
global reservations-mode . Prior to this reservations could
only be specified per subnet. This is supported by by Memfile,
MySQL,PostgreSQL,and Cassandra host data sources.
(Trac #5705, git f991cffd06add941f8bf2937232f51d597623e21)
1442. [func] MayyaSunil
Implemented new queries for IPv6 leases by DUID.
(Github #99, git c20b5248da1283e596e35ad057ae242f4d613965)
1441. [func] marcin
Added log message indicating that the control socket has been
opened by a server.
(Gitlab #8, git 3dbaf4917bea112466f1ee5726870c545950e114)
1440. [func] tmark
The internal represenation of an "unused" subnet-id has been
......@@ -8,16 +24,16 @@
a subnet's ID is now 0xFFFFFFFE. Three new constants have been
added so subnet_id.h:
which should be used in code/hooks in place of hard-coded values.
(Trac #5704, git 90fe9ca2cd6f63bcc7168bdc3786677db57b65ec)
1439. [func] tomek
keactrl and kea-admin tools can now report version.
(gitlab #9, git 4a00ab5d4b9ac9193fc5f924149aeaca7a88e2ef)
(Gitlab #9, git 4a00ab5d4b9ac9193fc5f924149aeaca7a88e2ef)
1438. [func] tomek
subnet-id parameter is now optional in lease4-add, lease6-add,
......@@ -216,7 +232,7 @@ Kea 1.4.0 released on June 15, 2018
1408. [func] tomek
perfdhcp now supports -o option that adds DHCP options.
This may be used to simulate various clients.
(github #77, git b81dedb7f0a2516130e7bd799d9084c63f0e844c)
(Github #77, git b81dedb7f0a2516130e7bd799d9084c63f0e844c)
1407. [bug] tmark
Corrected an issue where the destruction of loggers
......@@ -599,7 +615,7 @@ Kea 1.4.0-beta released on May 18, 2018
functionality was added. There are some limitations (delete,
client classes, fixed DHCPv4 fields, statistics recount, etc.)
These will be addressed in upcoming tickets.
(github #37, git e37606fd2d0c02234a55f7445c52a12b2e7a82ec)
(Github #37, git e37606fd2d0c02234a55f7445c52a12b2e7a82ec)
1343. [func] fdupont
User-context and comments are now supported in many new scopes:
......@@ -616,7 +632,7 @@ Kea 1.4.0-beta released on May 18, 2018
1341. [func] razvan, andrei
Significant update of Cassandra support. A lot of code for
Cassandra Lease Manager has been updated and partially rewritten.
(github #35, git 41795494720cd9886c1e98d21eaeefd94d674e37)
(Github #35, git 41795494720cd9886c1e98d21eaeefd94d674e37)
1340. [func] marcin
Added support for "dhcp-enable" and "dhcp-disable" commands in
......@@ -675,7 +691,7 @@ Kea 1.3.0 released on October 27, 2017
1330. [bug] fdupont
The option length checks were relaxed for the V-I Vendor Class
(Trac #5391, github #57,
(Trac #5391, Github #57,
git 8c1ea6684a808e8d3af9ea7eccecd93adc801e8a)
1329. [func] marcin
......@@ -1518,7 +1534,7 @@ Kea 1.2.0-beta released on April 7, 2017
Support for DHCPv6 options defined in RFC6603 and RFC7598. Thanks
to Andrei Pavel and Cristian Secareanu of Qualitance for submitting
initial implementation.
(Trac #github24, git 59b62eb3ddd9db62c04bd47cd8fbdc1af62fbc1b)
(Trac #Github24, git 59b62eb3ddd9db62c04bd47cd8fbdc1af62fbc1b)
1185. [build] marcin
Install Kea headers to be used for building external libraries.
......@@ -1590,11 +1606,11 @@ Kea 1.1.0 released on September 30, 2016
MySQL database creation scripts use single quotes for
strings to avoid issues with creation of the database
when MySQL server operates in ANSI_QUOTES mode.
(github #30, git e40a54a8e24b5f6427edd4afcd5cdc15012b8866)
(Github #30, git e40a54a8e24b5f6427edd4afcd5cdc15012b8866)
1172. [bug] andir
Kea build fixes for gcc 6, which uses C++14 by default.
(github #29, git ad68c3942839618c26d7ff017fbac7df139b5d01)
(Github #29, git ad68c3942839618c26d7ff017fbac7df139b5d01)
1171. [doc] marcin
Updated supported operating systems and the prerequisites for
......@@ -1650,7 +1666,7 @@ Kea 1.1.0 released on September 30, 2016
Added two enhancements to perfdhcp: optionally using MAC
addresses from a file in new DHCP transactions, and
generation of DHCPv6 relayed messages.
(github #22, git c5b4a5981cf642ebb9aecb8acc07b87abdccbd91)
(Github #22, git c5b4a5981cf642ebb9aecb8acc07b87abdccbd91)
1161. [bug] fdupont
Fixed interface manager receive methods which raise a bug on
......@@ -1751,7 +1767,7 @@ Kea 1.1.0-beta released on August 31, 2016
1144. [bug] mihu
Response to DHCPINFORM is generally sent to port 68, rather
than port 67. Thanks to Michal Humpula for providing a patch.
(github #23, git 4216a4bedf8a884df087c68d48c88ee9ffa444dc)
(Github #23, git 4216a4bedf8a884df087c68d48c88ee9ffa444dc)
1143. [doc] fdupont
User's Guide has been updated with DHCPv4-over-DHCPv6 support
......@@ -1945,7 +1961,7 @@ Kea 1.1.0-beta released on August 31, 2016
1108. [bug] pallotron
perfdhcp uses the same transaction id throughout the DORA
exchange to adhere with RFC 2131.
(github #19, git d260a70d6aa0baecd68131bc35f58f097aa77bcc)
(Github #19, git d260a70d6aa0baecd68131bc35f58f097aa77bcc)
1107. [func] tmark
The DDNS parameter, replace-client-name, has been changed from a boolean
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