Commit f8c763ef authored by Michal 'vorner' Vaner's avatar Michal 'vorner' Vaner
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[trac875] Tests for the checking function

parent f80cdaf1
......@@ -51,5 +51,53 @@ class TSigKeysTest(unittest.TestCase):
# There's some nonempty configuration
self.assertNotEqual({}, spec.get_config_spec())
def test_missing_keys(self):
Test that missing keys doesn't kill us. There are just no keys there.
self.assertEqual(None, tsig_keys.check({}))
def test_data_empty(self):
"""Check we accept valid config with empty set of tsig keys."""
self.assertEqual(None, tsig_keys.check({'keys': []}))
def test_keys_valid(self):
Check we accept some valid keys (we don't check all the algorithms,
that's the job of isc.dns.TSIGKey).
self.assertEqual(None, tsig_keys.check({'keys':
def test_keys_same_name(self):
Test we reject when we have multiple keys with the same name.
self.assertEqual("Multiple TSIG keys with name 'test.key'",
def test_invalid_key(self):
Test we reject invalid key.
self.assertEqual("TSIG: Invalid TSIG key string: invalid.key",
tsig_keys.check({'keys': ['invalid.key']}))
"TSIG: attempt to decode a value not in base64 char set",
tsig_keys.check({'keys': ['invalid.key:123']}))
def test_bad_format(self):
Test we fail on bad format. We don't really care much how here, though,
as this should not get in trough config manager anyway.
self.assertNotEqual(None, tsig_keys.check({'bad_name': {}}))
self.assertNotEqual(None, tsig_keys.check({'keys': 'not_list'}))
self.assertNotEqual(None, tsig_keys.check({'keys': 42}))
self.assertNotEqual(None, tsig_keys.check({'keys': {}}))
if __name__ == '__main__':
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ from isc.util.file import path_search
from bind10_config import PLUGIN_PATHS
spec = module_spec_from_file(path_search('tsig_keys.spec', PLUGIN_PATHS))
def check():
def check(config):
def load():
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