Commit fbade26f authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[3242] Removed the commented code from the CfgMgr.

parent 594b8277
......@@ -209,23 +209,8 @@ void CfgMgr::addSubnet6(const Subnet6Ptr& subnet) {
CfgMgr::getSubnet4(const isc::asiolink::IOAddress& hint) const {
/* // If there's only one subnet configured, let's just use it
// The idea is to keep small deployments easy. In a small network - one
// router that also runs DHCPv6 server. Users specifies a single pool and
// expects it to just work. Without this, the server would complain that it
// doesn't have IP address on its interfaces that matches that
// configuration. Such requirement makes sense in IPv4, but not in IPv6.
// The server does not need to have a global address (using just link-local
// is ok for DHCPv6 server) from the pool it serves.
if (subnets4_.size() == 1) {
return (subnets4_[0]);
// If there is more than one, we need to choose the proper one
// Iterate over existing subnets to find a suitable one for the
// given address.
for (Subnet4Collection::const_iterator subnet = subnets4_.begin();
subnet != subnets4_.end(); ++subnet) {
if ((*subnet)->inRange(hint)) {
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