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[898-add-a-new-hook-to-support-bootp] Updated docs

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......@@ -779,6 +779,8 @@ INPUT = ../../src/bin/agent \
../../src/bin/netconf \
../../src/bin/perfdhcp \
../../src/bin/sockcreator \
../../src/hooks/dhcp/bootp \
../../src/hooks/dhcp/flex_option \
../../src/hooks/dhcp/high_availability \
../../src/hooks/dhcp/lease_cmds \
../../src/hooks/dhcp/stat_cmds \
......@@ -5679,7 +5679,11 @@ However, some of them are implications of the design choices made. Those
are clearly marked as such.
- BOOTP (`RFC 951 <>`__) is not
supported. This is a design choice; BOOTP support is not planned.
supported. This is a design choice; historic BOOTP support is not planned.
- BOOTP with vendor information extensions
(`RFC 1497 <>`__) is supported
by the BOOTP hooks library; see :ref:`bootp-library` for details.
- On Linux and BSD system families the DHCP messages are sent and
received over the raw sockets (using LPF and BPF) and all packet
......@@ -441,6 +441,10 @@ loaded by the correct process per the table below.
| | |database. This library may only be used in conjuction with |
| | |one of the supported configuration backend implementations. |
| BOOTP | Kea sources |The BOOTP hooks library recognizes received BOOTP requests: |
| | (since 1.7.2) |they are translated into DHCPREQUEST packets, put into the |
| | |BOOTP client class and get infinite lifetime leases. |
ISC hopes to see more hooks libraries become available as time
progresses, developed both internally and externally. Since this list
......@@ -2775,6 +2779,30 @@ following:
The ``network6-subnet-del`` command uses exactly the same syntax for
both the command and the response.
.. _bootp-library:
bootp BOOTP support
This library adds support for BOOTP with vendor information extensions
(`RFC 1497 <>`__). Received BOOTP
requests are recognized, translated into DHCPREQUEST packets by adding
a dhcp-message-type option and put into the "BOOTP" client class.
Members of this class get infinite lifetime leases but the class can
be used too for instance to guard a pool of addresses.
The library is available since Kea 1.7.2 and can be loaded in a
similar way as other hook libraries by the ``kea-dhp4`` process.
It takes no parameter.
"Dhcp4": {
"hook_libraries": [
{ "library": "/usr/local/lib/" },
.. include:: hooks-class-cmds.rst
.. include:: hooks-cb-cmds.rst
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