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<chapter id="acknowledgments"> <chapter id="acknowledgments">
<title>Acknowledgments</title> <title>Acknowledgments</title>
<para>Kea is primarily designed, developed, and maintained by <para>Kea is an open source project designed, developed, and maintained by Internet Systems
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. It is an open source project Consortium, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. ISC is primarily funded by revenues from
and contributions are welcomed.</para> support subscriptions for our open source and we encourage all professional users to consider
this option. To learn more, see ​<ulink
<para>Support for the development of the DHCPv4, DHCPv6 and <para>If you would like to contribute to ISC to assist us in continuing to make quality open
DHCP-DDNS components was provided by source software, please visit our donations page at ​<ulink
<ulink url="">Comcast</ulink>.</para> url=""></ulink>.</para>
<para>Kea was initially implemented as a collection of applications <para>We thank all the organizations and individuals who have helped to make Kea
within the BIND 10 framework. Hence, Kea development would not be possible. Comcast and the Comcast Innovation Fund provided major support for the development
possible without the generous support of past BIND 10 project sponsors.</para> of Kea's DHCPv4, DHCPv6 and DDNS modules. Mozilla funded initial work on the REST API via a
MOSS award.</para>
<para><ulink url="">JPRS</ulink> and
<ulink url="">CIRA</ulink> were Patron Level
BIND 10 sponsors.</para>
<para><ulink url="">AFNIC</ulink>, <para>Kea was initially implemented as a collection of applications
within the BIND 10 framework. We thank the founding sponsors of the BIND10 project:
<ulink url="">Afilias</ulink>,
<ulink url="">IIS.SE</ulink>,
<ulink url="">Nominet</ulink>, and
<ulink url="">SIDN</ulink>; BIND10 patrons
<ulink url="">JPRS</ulink> and
<ulink url="">CIRA</ulink>; and additional sponsors
<ulink url="">AFNIC</ulink>,
<ulink url="">CNNIC</ulink>, <ulink url="">CNNIC</ulink>,
<ulink url="">CZ.NIC</ulink>, <ulink url="">CZ.NIC</ulink>,
<ulink url="">DENIC eG</ulink>, <ulink url="">DENIC eG</ulink>,
...@@ -120,14 +129,7 @@ ...@@ -120,14 +129,7 @@
<ulink url="">RIPE NCC</ulink>, <ulink url="">RIPE NCC</ulink>,
<ulink url=""></ulink>, <ulink url=""></ulink>,
<ulink url="">.nz Registry Services</ulink>, and <ulink url="">.nz Registry Services</ulink>, and
<ulink url="">Technical Center of Internet</ulink> <ulink url="">Technical Center of Internet</ulink>.</para>
were past BIND 10 sponsors.</para>
<para><ulink url="">Afilias</ulink>,
<ulink url="">IIS.SE</ulink>,
<ulink url="">Nominet</ulink>, and
<ulink url="">SIDN</ulink> were founding
sponsors of the BIND 10 project.</para>
</chapter> </chapter>
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