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[master] Update Changelog for merge of #2380

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530. [func]* team
b10-loadzone was fully overhauled. It now uses C++-based zone
parser and loader library, performing stricter checks, having
more complete support for master file formats, producing more
helpful logs, is more extendable for various types of data
sources, and yet much faster than the old version. In
functionality the new version should be generally backwards
compatible to the old version, but there are some
incompatibilities: name fields of RDATA (in NS, SOA, etc) must
be absolute for now; due to the stricter checks some input that was
(incorrectly) accepted by the old version may now be rejected;
command line options and arguments are not compatible.
(Trac #2380, git 689b015753a9e219bc90af0a0b818ada26cc5968)
529. [func]* team
The in-memory data source now uses a more complete master file
parser to load textual zone files. As of this change it supports
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