Commit ff81c97c authored by Yoshitaka Aharen's avatar Yoshitaka Aharen
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[510] forgot to merge

parent afddaf4c
...@@ -984,6 +984,8 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile ...@@ -984,6 +984,8 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([Makefile
src/lib/util/tests/Makefile src/lib/util/tests/Makefile
src/lib/acl/Makefile src/lib/acl/Makefile
src/lib/acl/tests/Makefile src/lib/acl/tests/Makefile
tests/Makefile tests/Makefile
tests/system/Makefile tests/system/Makefile
tests/tools/Makefile tests/tools/Makefile
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