1. 20 Dec, 2019 2 commits
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      [#640] Simplification of fuzzing structure · 08381e67
      Stephen Morris authored
      Instead of using a separate thread to read input from the fuzzer,
      the input is now read in the main thread and transferred to the
      interface on which Kea is expecting it to appear.
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      [#640] Major refactoring of fuzzing code · 57e98c22
      Stephen Morris authored
      1. Convert to C++ class.
      2. Extend framework to support DHCPv4 fuzzing.
      3. Restrict size of data that can be accepted from AFL. (Kea will
         only accept up to about 64k or data, (set by the size of a UDP
         datagram).  However, AFL can send much larger data packets,
         which may cause problems in synchronization between the two
         threads used to implement fuzzing in Kea.