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      [2349] Same for RunningQuery · 95a47e7f
      Jelte Jansen authored
      See 26483ea2
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      [2349] clean up ForwardQuery objects in tests · 26483ea2
      Jelte Jansen authored
      an attempt to clean up memory; ForwardQuery objects are supposed to delete themselves when they are no longer needed, but due to the direct calls in tests this often does not happen.
      To keep internals in recursive_query to a minimum, I did add something to the API; ForwardQuery is now a public class, a pointer of which is returned by RecursiveQuery::forward. Tests that mess around can then delete the query themselves, and the way these are handled does not have to be changed.
      Ideally, we should however not need unscoped allocated memory in the first place; we either need to use a centrally managed pool of objects to (re)use, or we need to change the entire design that needs these objects in the first place.
      However, these are both non-trivial, and probably better suited in the main resolver work that has been planned.
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