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      [master] add missing rdata files and change some generated headers to nodist · 9e183cb0
      Jeremy C. Reed authored
      Add missing libdns++ rdata files for the distribution (this
      fixes distcheck error). Change three generated libdns++
      headers to "nodist" so they aren't included in the distribution
      (they were mistakenly included in last tarball).
      This fixes two immediate problems:
      If you do a distcheck build or create a tarball it would mistakenly
      include the rdataclass.h, rrclass.h, and rrtype.h headers.
      They are supposed to be generated at build time.
      Also the rp_17 rdata files were not included in the distribution,
      so building would fail because rdataclass didn't define the RP class.
      This update also includes the nsec_bitmap rdata files. (I didn't
      see any problem related to this, but I assume they were meant to
      be shipped.)
      I added two generated files to BUILT_SOURCES. Not necessarily
      required, but this implies that the target for these should be
      done before the regular build (so this makes sure the generated
      files are created).
      Discussed a little on jabber on Friday.
      This should fix the existing distcheck autobuilder failures.
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