1. 04 Feb, 2011 2 commits
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      [trac558] Stage 1 of backing out log4cxx support · f7f03585
      Stephen Morris authored
      The introduction of logging caused problems when building BIND10
      on a number of systems because up to date log4cxx support was not
      available. (It appears that v0.9.8 is the minimum required, and a
      number of distributions only have v0.9.7.)  For this reason, the
      logging is being altered (for the moment) to withdraw log4cxx and
      to write directly to the console.
      The best solution seemed to be to split the basic API and the
      implementation and to provide implementations for different logging
      systems. (This was entered as ticket 529, but is being done now.)
      The current commit leaves the logging system still using log4cxx,
      but with the implementation split from the API.
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      [trac558] Fix minor platform-dependent issues · 90980c50
      Stephen Morris authored
      Fixes two issues:
      1. src/lib/log/Makefile.am referenced a now-deleted file - this
         caused issues building the logging code on some platforms.
      2. The message compiler used ctime_r(), which causes a problem on
         Solaris, which implements a non POSIX-compliant version (it has
         a third argument).  As the compiler is not multi-threaded, it
         was replaced with a call to ctime().
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