Commit 11145276 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont

[386-remove-obsolete-experimental-dhcpv6-options] Removed dangling reference...

[386-remove-obsolete-experimental-dhcpv6-options] Removed dangling reference to dhcp6-exp-options-list
parent 424fe3a5
......@@ -1294,11 +1294,6 @@ temporarily override a list of interface names and listen on all interfaces.
structures. "Type" designates the format of the data: the meanings of
the various types is given in <xref linkend="dhcp-types"/>.
Experimental options (like standard options but with a code
which was not assigned by IANA) are listed in
<xref linkend="dhcp6-exp-options-list"/>.
<para>When a data field is a string, and that string contains
the comma (,; U+002C) character, the comma must be escaped with a
reverse solidus character (\; U+005C). This double escape is
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