Commit 16f37ca0 authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder

[#964,!577] Added external socket ready handler to HAService

    HAService::socketReadyHandler(int tcp_native_fd) - new handler for external socket ready
    callback. It detects out-of-transaction ready socket and unregisters it.

    isTransactionOngoing(int socket_fd) - new method to return true if any of the clients
    connections are using the socket in an ongoing transaction
parent 14742a09
......@@ -1646,12 +1646,11 @@ HAService::clientConnectHandler(const boost::system::error_code& ec, int tcp_nat
HAService::socketReadyHandler(int tcp_native_fd) {
std::cout << "HAService::socketReadyHandler - ready socket:" << tcp_native_fd << std::endl;
// If the socket is not usable/or in a transaction
// we'll unregister it
// if (socket bad) /{
// IfaceMgr::instance().deleteExternalSocket(tcp_native_fd, 0);
// }
// If the socket is ready but does not belong to one of our client's
// ongoing transactions we unregister it.
if (!client_.isTransactionOngoing(tcp_native_fd)) {
......@@ -744,9 +744,16 @@ protected:
/// flagged as ready to read. It is installed by the invocation to
/// register the socket with IfaceMgr made in @ref clientConnectHandler.
/// @todo add logic to determine if the
/// socket is involved in an ongoing transcation or not. If not, it
/// will be unregistered from IfaceMgr.
/// The handler checks if the ready socket belongs to one our client's
/// ongoing transactions. If it does, it simply returns. If it does
/// not belong to an ongoing transactions, the socket descriptor is
/// unregistered from IfaceMgr.
/// We do this in case the other peer closed the socket (e.g. idle timeout
/// for example), as this will cause the socket /appear ready to read to
/// the IfaceMgr::select(). If this happens in while no transcations are
/// in progess, we won't have anything to deal with the socket event.
/// This causes IfaceMgr::select() to endlessly interrupt on this socket.
/// @param tcp_native_fd socket descriptor of the ready socket
void socketReadyHandler(int tcp_native_fd);
......@@ -139,6 +139,12 @@ public:
/// @return true if transaction has been initiated, false otherwise.
bool isTransactionOngoing() const;
/// @brief Checks if a transaction has been initiated over this connection and
/// socket descriptor.
/// @return true if transaction has been initiated, false otherwise.
bool isTransactionOngoing(int socket_fd) const;
/// @brief Checks and logs if premature transaction timeout is suspected.
/// There are cases when the premature timeout occurs, e.g. as a result of
......@@ -439,6 +445,23 @@ public:
/// @brief Deteremines if there is an ongoing transaction associated
/// with a given socket desecriptor.
/// @param socket_fd socket descriptor to check
/// @return True if the pool contains a connection which is using the
/// given socket descriptor for an ongoing transaction.
bool isTransactionOngoing(int socket_fd) {
for (auto conns_it = conns_.begin(); conns_it != conns_.end();
++conns_it) {
if (conns_it->second->isTransactionOngoing(socket_fd)) {
return (true);
return (false);
/// @brief Holds reference to the IO service.
......@@ -607,6 +630,12 @@ Connection::isTransactionOngoing() const {
return (static_cast<bool>(current_request_));
Connection::isTransactionOngoing(int socket_fd) const {
return ((static_cast<bool>(current_request_)) &&
(socket_.getNative() == socket_fd));
Connection::checkPrematureTimeout(const uint64_t transid) {
// If there is no transaction but the handlers are invoked it means
......@@ -923,6 +952,11 @@ HttpClient::asyncSendRequest(const Url& url, const HttpRequestPtr& request,
request_callback, connect_callback, close_callback);
HttpClient::isTransactionOngoing(int socket_fd) const {
return (impl_->conn_pool_->isTransactionOngoing(socket_fd));
HttpClient::stop() {
......@@ -191,6 +191,12 @@ public:
/// @brief Closes all connections.
void stop();
/// @brief Deteremines if a socket is part of an ongoing transaction.
/// @return True if the given socket descriptor is being used by an
/// ongoing transaction
bool isTransactionOngoing(int socket_fd) const;
/// @brief Pointer to the HTTP client implementation.
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