Commit 8dd9c87d authored by Michal Nowikowski's avatar Michal Nowikowski

hammer: disabled creating debugsoure rpm package

parent 24a78eca
......@@ -1536,7 +1536,9 @@ def _build_native_pkg(system, revision, features, tarball_path, env, check_times
execute('cp %s rpm-root/SOURCES' % tarball_path, check_times=check_times, dry_run=dry_run)
# do rpm build
cmd = "rpmbuild --define 'kea_version %s' --define 'isc_version %s' -ba rpm-root/SPECS/kea.spec -D'_topdir /home/vagrant/rpm-root'"
cmd = "rpmbuild --define 'kea_version %s' --define 'isc_version %s' -ba rpm-root/SPECS/kea.spec"
cmd += " -D'_topdir /home/vagrant/rpm-root'"
cmd += " --undefine=_debugsource_packages" # disable creating debugsource package
cmd = cmd % (pkg_version, pkg_isc_version)
execute(cmd, env=env, timeout=60 * 40, check_times=check_times, dry_run=dry_run)
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