Performance tests results of Kea

  • Generated on - 21/07/2020 07:40:12
  • Jenkins job - kea-1.7/performance
  • Build id - 91
  • Latest Kea version - 1.7.9-isc0027920200707152910

Basic performance results and benchmark runs

Results presented here showing top performance of Kea and:

Kea configuration

Kea is using the simplest configuration possible.

Traffic characteristics

perfdhcp generates simples DORA/SARR exchanges without any additional options or option requests. TODO number of clients

Testing methodology

Each test is being executed 9 times, highest and lowest results are ignored, final result of the test is calculated as average out of 7 remaining results.
History of those results is in History of basic results

Basic performance of memfile backend in non-persistent mode

Kea can run in special mode, when it's using memfile but writing to the file is disabled. Everything is kept in memory (similar to keeping memfile on ramdisk).
Kea configuration, traffic specification and testing methodology is the same as for basic results. Reason why it's in separated set it's because it can't be compared with other backends and we strongly discourage people to use this mode. Kea will loose every saved lease on restart.
Running Kea with memfile with non-persist option set to False is NOT RECOMMENDED!

This section provides insight into how kea works second by second during longer running tests.
Thanks to this data visualization we can: