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......@@ -222,6 +222,33 @@ At the end of tests execution there is coverage report presented. If
coverage of any module is below a threshold of 35% then an error is
WebUI Unit Tests
We do have the WebUI tests. We take advantage of the unit-tests generated automatically
by AngularJS. You can run the tests this way:
.. code:: console
rake build_ui
export CHROME_BIN=chromium
cd webui
npx ng test
Make sure you have chromium installed on the system. As of today, we don't know any way to run
those tests with Firefox. Here's couple comments regarding running those tests:
* When adding new component or service with `ng generate component|service ...`, the Angular framework
will add .spec.ts file for you with a boilerplate code there. In most cases, the first step in
running those tests is to add necessary Stork imports. If in doubt, take a look at commits on There are many examples how to fix
failing tests.
* The tests are being run in random order by default, which is confusing. One convenient way to run them
is to click Debug, click Options and unset the "run tests in random order". This will run the tests
always in the same order.
System Tests
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