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[#141] added section about ReST API in docs

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......@@ -65,3 +65,22 @@ There's a simple git hook that inserts the issue number in the commit message au
want to use it, go to ``utils`` directory and run ``git-hooks-install`` script. It will copy the
necessary file to ``.git/hooks`` directory.
The primary user of ReST API is Stork UI in web browser. The definition of ReST API is located
in api folder and is described in Swagger 2.0 format.
The description in Swagger is split into multiple files. 2 files comprise a tag group:
* \*-paths.yaml - defines URLs
* \*-defs.yaml - contains entity definitions
All these files are combined by ``yamlinc`` tool into signle swagger file ``swagger.yaml``.
Then from ``swagger.yaml`` there are generated code for:
* UI fronted by swagger-codegen
* backend in Go lang by go-swagger
All these steps are realized in Rakefile.
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