Commit 1b17512c authored by Slawek Figiel's avatar Slawek Figiel
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[#682] Rename the interface

parent 372fcf92
......@@ -35,8 +35,8 @@ type TopConfigReader interface {
GetTopLevelMap(name string) (m map[string]interface{}, ok bool)
// Reads the databases from the configuration.
type DatabaseReader interface {
// Get the database sections from the configuration.
type DatabaseConfig interface {
GetAllDatabases() Databases
......@@ -759,7 +759,7 @@ func mergeKeaDatabase(keaDatabase *keaconfig.Database, dataType string, existing
// information about database connections in use. The first structure contains
// files used by Memfile lease database backend and Forensic Logging hooks library.
// If neither of them is used, this structure is empty.
func getKeaStorages(config keaconfig.DatabaseReader) (files []*models.File, databases []*models.KeaDaemonDatabase) {
func getKeaStorages(config keaconfig.DatabaseConfig) (files []*models.File, databases []*models.KeaDaemonDatabase) {
foundDatabases := make(map[string]*models.KeaDaemonDatabase)
keaDatabases := config.GetAllDatabases()
// Leases.
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