Commit c2885b14 authored by Slawek Figiel's avatar Slawek Figiel
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[#682] Revert strict typing

parent a2cd30ad
......@@ -476,8 +476,12 @@ func (d *Daemon) GetHAOverview() (overviews []DaemonServiceOverview) {
// it extracts some configuration information and populates to the daemon structures,
// e.g. logging configuration. The config should be a pointer to the KeaConfig
// structure. The config_hash is a hash created from the specified configuration.
func (d *Daemon) SetConfigWithHash(parsedConfig *KeaConfig, configHash string) error {
func (d *Daemon) SetConfigWithHash(config interface{}, configHash string) error {
if d.KeaDaemon != nil {
parsedConfig, ok := config.(*KeaConfig)
if !ok {
return pkgerrors.Errorf("error setting non Kea config for Kea daemon %s", d.Name)
existingLogTargets := d.LogTargets
d.LogTargets = []*LogTarget{}
loggers := parsedConfig.GetLoggers()
......@@ -505,7 +509,7 @@ func (d *Daemon) SetConfigWithHash(parsedConfig *KeaConfig, configHash string) e
// Sets new configuration of the daemon with empty hash.
func (d *Daemon) SetConfig(config *KeaConfig) error {
func (d *Daemon) SetConfig(config interface{}) error {
return d.SetConfigWithHash(config, "")
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