Commit 04b099cc authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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added changelog for trac #513

parent 285c5ee3
152. [func]* jinmei
b10-auth: Added new configuration variable "statistics-interval"
to allow the user to change the timer interval for periodic
statistics updates. The update can also be disabled by setting
the value to 0. Disabling statistics updates will also work as
a temporary workaround of a known issue that b10-auth can block in
sending statistics and stop responding to queries as a result.
(Trac #513, git 285c5ee)
151. [bug] smann
lib/log/ Modify dlog so that it takes an optional 2nd
argument of type bool (true or false). This flag, if set, will cause
the message to be printed whether or not -v is chosen.
(trac #432, git 880220478c3e8702d56d761b1e0b21b77d08ee5a)
150. [bug] jelte
b10-cfgmgr: No longer save the configuration on exit. Configuration
is already saved if it is changed succesfully, so writing it on
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