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[#10,!3] Template updated.

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// This specifies the name of the command. Must be the same as the filename.
"name": "template-command",
// This provides a short description.
"brief": "a sentence or two explaining what it is",
"support": [ "kea-dhcp4", "kea-dhcp6" ],
"avail": "first version, possible a hook library name and (premium) if applicable",
// This provides a full description. Since we have most (all?) commands
// already documented, we don't want to copy over the text. Instead,
// we provide links to specific section.
"description": "See <xref linkend=\"anchor-in-the-docs\"/>",
// This enumerates the daemons that are able to handle specific command.
// Usually this will be a subset of those specifeid below as there are very
// few commands that are supported by every daemon.
"support": [ "kea-dhcp4", "kea-dhcp6", "dhcp-ddns", "ca", "netconf" ],
// Historical information. May need a bit of digging, but this info can
// be extracted by looking at older Kea user guides. We have them published
// on FTP.
"avail": "first version the command appeared in",
// Many commands are provided by a hook. Specify the name of the hook here.
// If this hook is provided by the deamons natively (without needing to load
// a hook), remove the whole "hook" entry.
"hook": "name of the hook that provides this command. remove if provided by
the core code",
// This defines a syntax of the command
"cmd-syntax": "Syntax of the command",
// This defines a description printed immediately below the command syntax.
"cmd-comment": "Possibly some extra comments after the syntax.",
// This defines a syntax of the response
"resp-syntax": "Syntax of the response",
// This defines a description printed immediately below th response syntax.
"resp-comment": "Optional extra comments after the respone syntax."
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