Commit 16bdc19f authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski

[#492,!252] Added ChangeLog for #492.

parent 72bd8d86
1583. [bug] fdupont, marcin
Corrected a bug which caused failures to merge a subnet from the
Configuration Backend into the DHCP server's configuration
when subnet identifier was modified.
(Gitlab #492,!252, git c9aba2b5e915c27a8539e6b8f0498179ba896da4)
1582. [bug] tmark
Input values for DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 options of type 'string'
will now be trimmed of any trailing null bytes (0x0).
(Gitlab #539, !330, git b126558e9e39e9bff517dceac25a00e96d150085)
1581. [bug] marcin
Corrected a bug whereby the DHCPv6 server did not take into
account a relay address specified at the shared network level
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