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added minor editorial fixes to doxygen comments.

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......@@ -214,12 +214,12 @@ public:
/// Find a \c Zone that best matches the given name in the \c ZoneTable.
/// It searches the internal storage for a \c Zone that gives the
/// longest match against \c origin, and returns the result in the
/// longest match against \c name, and returns the result in the
/// form of a \c FindResult object as follows:
/// - \c code: The result code of the operation.
/// - \c SUCCESS: A zone that gives an exact match is found
/// - \c PARTIALMATCH: A zone whose origin is a super domain of
/// \c zone is found (but there is no exact match)
/// \c name is found (but there is no exact match)
/// - \c NOTFOUND: For all other cases.
/// - \c zone: A pointer to the found \c Zone object if one is found;
/// otherwise \c NULL.
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