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changelog for #474

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144. [build] jinmei
Introduced a workaround for clang++ build on FreeBSD (and probably
some other OSes). If building BIND 10 fails with clang++ due to
a link error about "__dso_handle", try again from the configure
script with CXX_LIBTOOL_LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib (the path actually
doesn't matter; the important part is the -L flag). This
workaround is not automatically enabled as it's difficult to
detect the need for it dynamically, and must be enabled via the
variable by hand. (Trac #474, git cfde436)
143. [build] jinmei
Fixed build problems with clang++ in unit tests due to recent
changes. No behavior change. (Trac #448, svn r4133)
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