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Add "build" as another identifier to the legend.

Add release dates for releases.
Add several old entries -- do to this re-numbered existing.
(Note that this was never released but now we should keep these unique.)

git-svn-id: svn:// e5f2f494-b856-4b98-b285-d166d9295462
parent 7eafb11c
6. [bug] jinmei
bind10-devel-20100602 released on June 2, 2010
49. [func]* jelte
Use unix domain sockets for msgq. (Trac #183, svn r2009)
48. [func] jelte
bin/auth: Use asio's io_service for the msgq handling.
(svn r2007)
47. [func] zhanglikun
bin/cmdctl: Add value/type check for commands sent to
cmdctl. (Trac #201, svn r1959)
46. [func] zhanglikun
lib/cc: Fix real type data encoding/decoding. (Trac #193,
svn r1959)
45. [func] zhanglikun
bin/bind10: Pass verbose option to more modules. (Trac
#205, svn r1957)
44. [build] jreed
Install headers for libdns and libexception. (Trac #68,
svn r1941)
43. [func] jelte
lib/cc: Message queuing on cc channel. (Trac #58, svn r1870)
42. [func] jelte
lib/python/isc/config: Make temporary file with python
tempfile module instead of manual with fixed name. (Trac
#184, svn r1859)
41. [func] jelte
Module descriptions in spec files. (Trac #90, svn r1856)
40. [build] jreed
Report detected features and configure settings at end of
configure output. (svn r1836)
39. [func]* each
Renamed libauth to libdatasrc.
38. [bug] zhanglikun
(Trac #135, #151, #134, svn r1797)
37. [build] jinmei
Check for the availability of python-config. (Trac #159,
svn r1794)
36. [func] shane
bin/bind10: Miscellaneous code cleanups and improvements.
(Trac #40, svn r2012)
35. [bug] jinmei
bin/bindctl: fixed a bug that it didn't accept IPv6 addresses as
command arguments. (Trac #219, svn r2022)
5. [bug] jinmei
34. [bug] jinmei
bin/xfrin: fixed several small bugs with many additional unit
tests. Fixes include: IPv6 transport support, resource leak,
and non IN class support. (Trac #185, svn r2000)
4. [bug] each
33. [bug] each
bin/auth: output now prepended with "[b10-auth]" (Trac
#109, svn r1985)
3. [func]* each
32. [func]* each
bin/auth: removed custom query-processing code, changed
boost::asio code to use plain asio instead, and added asio
headers to the source tree. This allows building without
using an external boost library. (Trac #163, svn r1983)
2. [func] jinmei
31. [func] jinmei
lib/dns: added a separate signature for Name::split() as a
convenient wrapper for common usage. (Trac #49, svn r1903)
1. [bug] jinmei
30. [bug] jinmei
lib/dns: parameter validation of Name::split() was not sufficient,
and invalid parameters could cause integer overflow and make the
library crash. (Trac #177, svn r1806)
bind10-devel-20100421 released on April 21, 2010
29. [build]
Enable Python unit tests for "make check". (svn r1762)
28. [bug]
Fix msgq CC test so it can find its module. (svn r1751)
27. [build]
Add missing copyright license statements to various source
files. (svn r1750)
26. [func]
Use PACKAGE_STRING (name + version) from config.h instead
of hard-coded value in CH TXT version.bind replies (Trac
#114, svn r1749)
25. [func]*
Renamed msgq to b10-msgq. (Trac #25, svn r1747, r1748)
24. [func]
Support case-sensitive name compression in MessageRenderer.
(svn r1704)
23. [func]
Support a simple name with possible compression. (svn r1701)
22. [func]
b10-xfrout for AXFR-out support added. (svn r1629, r1630)
21. [bug]
Make log message more readable when xfrin failed. (svn
20. [bug]
Keep stderr for child processes if -v is specified. (svn
r1690, r1698)
19. [bug]
Allow bind10 boss to pass environment variables from parent.
(svn r1689)
18. [bug]
Xfrin warn if bind10_dns load failed. (svn r1688)
17. [bug]
Use sqlite3_ds.load() in xfrin module and catch Sqlite3DSError
explicitly. (svn r1684)
16. [func]*
Removed print_message and print_settings configuration
commands from Xfrin. (Trac #136, svn r1682)
15. [func]*
Changed zone loader/updater so trailing dot is not required.
(svn r1681)
14. [bug]
Change shutdown to actually SIGKILL properly. (svn r1675)
13. [bug]
Don't ignore other RRs than SOA even if the second SOA is
found. (svn r1674)
12. [build]
Fix tests and testdata so can be used from a read-only
source directory.
11. [build]
Make sure python tests scripts are included in tarball.
(svn r1648)
10. [build]
Improve python detection for configure. (svn r1622)
9. [build]
Automake the python binding of libdns. (svn r1617)
8. [bug]
Fix log errors which may cause xfrin module to crash. (svn
7. [func]
New API for inserting zone data to sqlite3 database for
AXFR-in. (svn r1612, r1613)
6. [bug]
More code review, miscellaneous cleanups, style guidelines,
and new and improved unit tests added.
5. [doc]
Manual page cleanups and improvements.
4. [bug]
NSEC RDATA fixes for buffer overrun lookups, incorrect
boundary checks, spec-non-conformant behaviors. (svn r1611)
3. [bug]
Remove a re-raise of an exception that should only have
been included in an error answer on the cc channel. (svn
2. [bug]
Removed unnecessary sleep() from (svn r1528)
1. [build]*
The configure --with-boostlib option changed to --with-boost-lib.
bind10-devel-20100319 released on March 19, 2010
For complete code revision history, see
Specific subversion changesets can be accessed at:
......@@ -35,6 +199,7 @@ LEGEND
[bug] general bug fix. This is generally a backward compatible change,
unless it's deemed to be impossible or very hard to keep
compatibility to fix the bug.
[build] compilation and installation infrastructure change.
[doc] update to documentation. This shouldn't change run time behavior.
[func] new feature. In some cases this may be a backward incompatible
change, which would require a bump of major version.
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