Commit 40d5e80d authored by Michal Vaner's avatar Michal Vaner
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Test data survive exception

git-svn-id: svn:// e5f2f494-b856-4b98-b285-d166d9295462
parent e5014644
......@@ -272,8 +272,12 @@ TEST_F(MemoryZoneTest, find) {
TEST_F(MemoryZoneTest, load) {
// Put some data inside the zone
EXPECT_NO_THROW(EXPECT_EQ(result::SUCCESS, zone_.add(rr_ns_)));
// Loading with different origin should fail
EXPECT_THROW(zone_.load(TEST_DATA_DIR "/"), MasterLoadError);
// See the original data is still there, survived the exception
findTest(origin_, RRType::NS(), Zone::SUCCESS, true, rr_ns_);
// Create correct zone
MemoryZone rootzone(class_, Name("."));
// Try putting something inside
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