Commit 600677b8 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont

[208-move-logging-from-global-objects-to-global-params] Added ChangeLog entry for min/max lifetimes

parent 37b8ec6c
1578. [func] fdupont
The configuration syntax has changed. The Logging scope that used
to be shared between all servers has been deprecated. Each daemon
is supposed to define its own loggers using 'loggers' array. The
old configuration syntax is still accepted, but is considered
deprecated. Kea 1.6 will accept it, but that capability will be
removed in the future. Please migrate your configuration to new
(Gitlan #208,!196, git 37b8ec6c2c4b64681059f8fad26d112adbb7ee2b)
1577. [func] razvan
Implemented host reservations page retrieval for Cassandra.
(Gitlab #511,!278, git 152e82b49f5e5abd9d3a2a4825ed8620973f5ef1)
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