Commit 61aedbff authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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made RDATA comparison more accurate by using Rdata::compare() while

still printing textual data on failure.
parent b39bfcee
......@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@
#include <dns/message.h>
#include <dns/opcode.h>
#include <dns/rdata.h>
#include <dns/rcode.h>
#include <dns/rrset.h>
#include <dns/rrttl.h>
......@@ -65,16 +66,32 @@ headerCheck(const Message& message, const qid_t qid, const Rcode& rcode,
EXPECT_EQ(arcount, message.getRRCount(Message::SECTION_ADDITIONAL));
namespace {
matchRdata(const char*, const char*,
const rdata::Rdata& expected, const rdata::Rdata& actual)
if ( != 0) {
::testing::Message msg;
msg << "Two RDATAs are expected to be equal but not:\n"
<< " Actual: " << actual.toText() << "\n"
<< "Expected: " << expected.toText();
return (::testing::AssertionFailure(msg));
return (::testing::AssertionSuccess());
rrsetCheck(isc::dns::ConstRRsetPtr expected_rrset,
isc::dns::ConstRRsetPtr rrset)
EXPECT_EQ(expected_rrset->getName(), rrset->getName());
EXPECT_EQ(expected_rrset->getClass(), rrset->getClass());
EXPECT_EQ(expected_rrset->getType(), rrset->getType());
EXPECT_EQ(expected_rrset->getTTL(), rrset->getTTL());
isc::dns::ConstRRsetPtr actual_rrset)
EXPECT_EQ(expected_rrset->getName(), actual_rrset->getName());
EXPECT_EQ(expected_rrset->getClass(), actual_rrset->getClass());
EXPECT_EQ(expected_rrset->getType(), actual_rrset->getType());
EXPECT_EQ(expected_rrset->getTTL(), actual_rrset->getTTL());
isc::dns::RdataIteratorPtr rdata_it = rrset->getRdataIterator();
isc::dns::RdataIteratorPtr rdata_it = actual_rrset->getRdataIterator();
isc::dns::RdataIteratorPtr expected_rdata_it =
while (!expected_rdata_it->isLast()) {
......@@ -84,13 +101,8 @@ rrsetCheck(isc::dns::ConstRRsetPtr expected_rrset,
// We use text-based comparison so that we can easily identify which
// data causes the error in case of failure. RDATA::compare() is the
// most strict comparison method, but in this case text-based
// comparison should be okay because we generate the text data
// from Rdata objects rather than hand-write the expected text.
EXPECT_PRED_FORMAT2(matchRdata, expected_rdata_it->getCurrent(),
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