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use shared_ptr for UDP/TCPServers instead of a helper holder class for exception safeness purposes.

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parent ad22927a
......@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@
#include <asio.hpp>
#include <boost/bind.hpp>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <dns/buffer.h>
#include <dns/message.h>
#include <dns/messagerenderer.h>
......@@ -445,37 +447,19 @@ private:
const IOService::IOCallBack* custom_callback_;
// This is a helper structure just to make the construction of IOServiceImpl
// exception safe. If the constructor of {UDP/TCP}Server throws an exception,
// the destructor of this class will automatically perform the necessary
// cleanup.
struct ServerSet {
ServerSet() : udp4_server(NULL), udp6_server(NULL),
tcp4_server(NULL), tcp6_server(NULL)
~ServerSet() {
delete udp4_server;
delete udp6_server;
delete tcp4_server;
delete tcp6_server;
UDPServer* udp4_server;
UDPServer* udp6_server;
TCPServer* tcp4_server;
TCPServer* tcp6_server;
class IOServiceImpl {
IOServiceImpl(AuthSrv* auth_server, const char* port,
const bool use_ipv4, const bool use_ipv6);
asio::io_service io_service_;
AuthSrv* auth_server_;
UDPServer* udp4_server_;
UDPServer* udp6_server_;
TCPServer* tcp4_server_;
TCPServer* tcp6_server_;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<UDPServer> UDPServerPtr;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<TCPServer> TCPServerPtr;
UDPServerPtr udp4_server_;
UDPServerPtr udp6_server_;
TCPServerPtr tcp4_server_;
TCPServerPtr tcp6_server_;
// This member is used only for testing at the moment.
IOService::IOCallBack callback_;
......@@ -483,42 +467,24 @@ public:
IOServiceImpl::IOServiceImpl(AuthSrv* auth_server, const char* const port,
const bool use_ipv4, const bool use_ipv6) :
auth_server_(auth_server), udp4_server_(NULL), udp6_server_(NULL),
tcp4_server_(NULL), tcp6_server_(NULL)
udp4_server_(UDPServerPtr()), udp6_server_(UDPServerPtr()),
tcp4_server_(TCPServerPtr()), tcp6_server_(TCPServerPtr())
ServerSet servers;
short portnum = atoi(port);
if (use_ipv4) {
servers.udp4_server = new UDPServer(auth_server, io_service_,
AF_INET, portnum);
udp4_server_ = servers.udp4_server;
servers.tcp4_server = new TCPServer(auth_server, io_service_,
AF_INET, portnum);
tcp4_server_ = servers.tcp4_server;
udp4_server_ = UDPServerPtr(new UDPServer(auth_server, io_service_,
AF_INET, portnum));
tcp4_server_ = TCPServerPtr(new TCPServer(auth_server, io_service_,
AF_INET, portnum));
if (use_ipv6) {
servers.udp6_server = new UDPServer(auth_server, io_service_,
AF_INET6, portnum);
udp6_server_ = servers.udp6_server;
servers.tcp6_server = new TCPServer(auth_server, io_service_,
AF_INET6, portnum);
tcp6_server_ = servers.tcp6_server;
udp6_server_ = UDPServerPtr(new UDPServer(auth_server, io_service_,
AF_INET6, portnum));
tcp6_server_ = TCPServerPtr(new TCPServer(auth_server, io_service_,
AF_INET6, portnum));
// Now we don't have to worry about exception, and need to make sure that
// the server objects won't be accidentally cleaned up.
servers.udp4_server = NULL;
servers.udp6_server = NULL;
servers.tcp4_server = NULL;
servers.tcp6_server = NULL;
IOServiceImpl::~IOServiceImpl() {
delete udp4_server_;
delete udp6_server_;
delete tcp4_server_;
delete tcp6_server_;
IOService::IOService(AuthSrv* auth_server, const char* const port,
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