Commit 711c1dca authored by Razvan Becheriu's avatar Razvan Becheriu

[#639,!410] updated ChangeLog

parent 289bc24c
1612. [bug] razvan
Fixed crash caused by unloading premium libraries which use
custom host cache containers.
(Gitlab #639,!410, git d3f7e9d9a18d93fb014c8e637e15c6ae9ca9269e)
1611. [doc] fdupont
Clarified how Kea handles subnet prefixes in server configuration.
(Gitlab #419,!333, git f260b51148b4f7584165e13fcf2320fdd5992a74)
......@@ -10,7 +15,7 @@
Fixed the implementation of authentication keys in DHCPv6
host reservations. Please note this includes a PostgreSQL
schema update.
(Gitlab #550,!297, git f45511f0445cd4204671771175f7f0d34df54b0e(
(Gitlab #550,!297, git f45511f0445cd4204671771175f7f0d34df54b0e)
1608. [bug] fdupont
Missing debug DHCP6_PACKET_SEND logging message was added.
......@@ -27,7 +32,7 @@
Corrected an error with retrieving DHCPv6 leases, whose IAID
values are larger than int32_t max, from Postgresql lease
(Gitlab #651,!384, git 67e047df61d56558d474514a21ed0db96152557a)
(Gitlab #651,!384, git 67e047df61d56558d474514a21ed0db96152557a)
1605. [func] marcin
Extended mysql_cb hooks library to support new API calls for
......@@ -87,7 +92,7 @@
1595. [func] fdupont
Removed unused t1_ and t2_ members from internal lease class.
(Gitlab #567,!357, 6072db5f4ca6cfa9573152c255f97dd170acbd57)
(Gitlab #567,!357, git 6072db5f4ca6cfa9573152c255f97dd170acbd57)
1594. [bug] fdupont
Kea no longer uses the .../var/kea directory, for instance pid
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