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docstrings for bindctl.moduleinfo

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......@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@ PARAM_NODE_NAME = 'param'
class ParamInfo:
"""The parameter of one command
each command parameter have four attributes,
"""One parameter of one command.
Each command parameter has four attributes:
parameter name, parameter type, parameter value, and parameter description
def __init__(self, name, desc = '', type = STRING_TYPE,
......@@ -47,8 +47,8 @@ class ParamInfo:
return str("\t%s <type: %s> \t(%s)" % (, self.type, self.desc))
class CommandInfo:
"""One command which provide by one bind10 module, it has zero or
more parameters
"""One command which is provided by one bind10 module, it has zero
or more parameters
def __init__(self, name, desc = ""):
......@@ -65,26 +65,34 @@ class CommandInfo:
def add_param(self, paraminfo):
"""Add a ParamInfo object to this CommandInfo"""
self.params[] = paraminfo
def has_param_with_name(self, param_name):
"""Returns true if the parameter with param_name exists"""
return param_name in self.params
def get_param_with_name(self, param_name):
"""Returns the ParamInfo with the given name. Raises a
KeyError if it doesn't exist"""
return self.params[param_name]
def get_params(self):
"""Returns a list of all ParamInfo objects for this CommandInfo"""
return list(self.params.values())
def get_param_names(self):
"""Returns a list of the names of all parameters for this command"""
return list(self.params.keys())
def get_mandatory_param_names(self):
"""Returns a list of the names of all mandatory parameters for
this command"""
all_names = self.params.keys()
return [name for name in all_names
if not self.params[name].is_optional]
......@@ -122,6 +130,7 @@ class CommandInfo:
def command_help(self):
"""Prints the help info for this command to stdout"""
print("Command ", self)
print("\t\thelp (Get help for command)")
......@@ -162,26 +171,35 @@ class ModuleInfo:
def __str__(self):
return str("%s \t%s" % (, self.desc))
def add_command(self, command_info):
def add_command(self, command_info):
"""Add a CommandInfo to this ModuleInfo."""
self.commands[] = command_info
def has_command_with_name(self, command_name):
"""Returns true if this module has a command with the given name."""
return command_name in self.commands
def get_command_with_name(self, command_name):
"""Returns the CommandInfo for the command with the given name.
Raises a KeyError if not found"""
return self.commands[command_name]
def get_commands(self):
"""Returns a list of all CommandInfo objects for this module."""
return list(self.commands.values())
def get_command_names(self):
"""Returns a list of the names of all commands for this module."""
return list(self.commands.keys())
def module_help(self):
"""Prints the help info for this module to stdout"""
print("Module ", self, "\nAvailable commands:")
for k in self.commands.keys():
print("\t", self.commands[k])
def command_help(self, command):
"""Prints the help info for the command with the given name.
Raises KeyError if not found"""
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