Commit 84a5a8af authored by Tomek Mrugalski's avatar Tomek Mrugalski 🛰
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[#10,!3] generate-templates script updated

parent f77ae9c9
......@@ -74,6 +74,12 @@ guide:
rm -rf html
docgen/generate-templates docgen/cmds-list
api: templates
docgen/kea-docgen api/*.json
# That's a bit of a hack, but we are making sure that devel target
# is always valid. The alternative is to make devel depend on all
# *.cc *.h files in the whole tree.
while read -r LINE; do
# This script generates API documentation templates.
# Usage:
# ./generate-templates file
# File is expected to have a list of commands, one per line.
# The templates will be created in api/ directory.
if (( $# != 1 )); then
echo "Usage: ./generate-templates file"
echo "File specifies a plain text file with each line having name of a command"
mkdir -p api/
while read -r CMD; do
if [ -e $F ]; then
echo "$F exists, skipping"
echo "{" > $F
echo " \"name\": \"$LINE\",\n" >> $F
echo " \"brief\": \"a sentence or two explaining what this command does\",\n" >> $F
echo " \"support\": [ \"kea-dhcp4\", \"kea-dhcp6\" ],\n" >> $F
echo " \"avail\": \"first version, possible a hook library name and (premium) if applicable\",\n" >> $F
echo " \"name\": \"$CMD\"," >> $F
echo " \"brief\": \"a sentence or two explaining what this command does\"," >> $F
echo " \"description\": \"See <xref linkend=\\\"cmd-$LINE\\\"/>\"," >> $F
echo " \"support\": [ \"undocumented\" ]," >> $F
echo " \"avail\": \"first Kea version this command appeared in\"," >> $F
echo " \"hook\": \"\"," >> $F
echo " \"cmd-syntax\": \"Syntax of the command\",\n" >> $F
echo " \"cmd-comment\": \"Possibly some extra comments after the syntax.\",\n" >> $F
echo " \"cmd-syntax\": \"Syntax of the command\"," >> $F
echo " \"cmd-comment\": \"Possibly some extra comments after the syntax.\"," >> $F
echo " \"resp-syntax\": \"Syntax of the response\",\n" >> $F
echo " \"resp-comment\": \"Optional extra comments after the respone syntax.\"\n" >> $F
echo " \"resp-syntax\": \"Syntax of the response\"," >> $F
echo " \"resp-comment\": \"Optional extra comments after the resposne syntax.\"" >> $F
echo "}" >> $F
echo "$LINE generated."
done < cmds-list
echo "$CMD generated."
done < $1
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