Commit 84f005ca authored by Michal Nowikowski's avatar Michal Nowikowski

changed pointed docs in INSTALL file from doc/sphinx to doc/sphinx/arm/install.rst

parent a2074d9f
......@@ -34,8 +34,8 @@ Kea depends on C++ compiler, make, libtool, boost (at least includes, but many
OSes require boost-system library), log4cplus and one crypto library (either
OpenSSL or Botan) for compilation. Optional backends (MySQL, PostgreSQL and
Cassandra) have additional dependencies. For detailed installation directions,
see the documentation in doc/sphinx folder or on the Kea online docs:
see the documentation in doc/sphinx/arm/install.rst text file
or on the Kea online docs:
Other optional dependencies are FreeRADIUS client (this requires a subscriber
only RADIUS hook) and Sysrepo, a system for providing YANG/NETCONF interface.
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