Commit ad011294 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[trac533] proposed fix for trac #533: fixing parameters for kqueue APIs.

Also made it more portable not to use select.KQ_* until the add/delete
methods are actually called.
parent 5d03cd4b
......@@ -136,14 +136,29 @@ class MsgQ:
except AttributeError:
self.kqueue = select.kqueue()
def add_kqueue_socket(self, socket, enable_write = False):
filters = select.KQ_FILTER_READ
if enable_write:
filters |= select.KQ_FILTER_WRITE
event = select.kevent(socket.fileno(), filters,
def add_kqueue_socket(self, socket, write_filter=False):
"""Add a kquque filter for a socket. By default the read
filter is used; if write_filter is set to True, the write
filter is used. We use a boolean value instead of a specific
filter constant, because kqueue filter values do not seem to
be defined on some systems. The use of boolean makes the
interface restrictive because there are other filters, but this
method is mostly only for our internal use, so it should be
acceptable at least for now."""
filter_type = select.KQ_FILTER_WRITE if write_filter else \
event = select.kevent(socket.fileno(), filter_type,
select.KQ_EV_ADD | select.KQ_EV_ENABLE)
self.kqueue.control([event], 0)
def delete_kqueue_socket(self, socket, write_filter=False):
"""Delete a kqueue filter for socket. See add_kqueue_socket()
for the semantics and notes about write_filter."""
filter_type = select.KQ_FILTER_WRITE if write_filter else \
event = select.kevent(socket.fileno(), filter_type,
self.kqueue.control([event], 0)
def setup_listener(self):
"""Set up the listener socket. Internal function."""
......@@ -376,7 +391,7 @@ class MsgQ:
if self.poller:
self.poller.register(fileno, select.POLLIN)
self.delete_kqueue_socket(sock, True)
del self.sendbuffs[fileno]
self.sendbuffs[fileno] = (time.clock(), msg)
......@@ -468,12 +483,14 @@ class MsgQ:
if event.ident == self.listen_socket.fileno():
if event.flags & select.KQ_FILTER_WRITE:
if event.flags & select.KQ_FILTER_READ and > 0:
if event.filter == select.KQ_FILTER_WRITE:
if event.filter == select.KQ_FILTER_READ and \ > 0:
elif event.flags & select.KQ_EV_EOF:
self.kill_socket(event.ident, self.sockets[event.ident])
def shutdown(self):
"""Stop the MsgQ master."""
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