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Changelog for resolver addition

parent 5609b0c6
158. [func] jelte
The Resolver module will now do (very limited) resolving, if not
set to forwarding mode (i.e. if the configuration option
forward_addresses is left empty). It only supports referrals that
contain glue addresses at this point, and does no other processing
of authoritative answers.
(Trac #484, git 7b84de4c0e11f4a070e038ca4f093486e55622af)
157. [bug] vorner
One frozen process no longer freezes the whole b10-msgq. It caused the
whole system to stop working.
(Trac #420, git 93697f58e4d912fa87bc7f9a591c1febc9e0d139)
bind10-devel-20110120 released on January 20, 2011
156. [func] stephen
Added ResponseClassifier class to examine response from
a server and classify it into one of several categories.
(Trac #487, git 18491370576e7438c7893f8551bbb8647001be9c)
bind10-devel-20110120 released on January 20, 2011
155. [doc] jreed
Miscellaneous documentation improvements for man pages and
the guide, including auth, resolver, stats, xfrout, and
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