Commit d1395c7a authored by Thomas Markwalder's avatar Thomas Markwalder

[#730,!2-p] Updated ChangeLog entry

parent 0aa183b5
1652. [security] tmark
Replaced asserts with exception throws to catch parser errors
that can occur handling malformed hostname name and FQDN options.
Prevent the DHCP servers from asserting when malformed
hostname or FQDN options are received. Now the servers will
drop the DHCP packets containing the malformed options.
(Gitlab #730,!2-p git TBD)
(Gitlab #730,private!2 git a2a98c421bb400a81218bd28d6a6f62accd31b1f)
1651. [security] tmark
Added logic to kea-dhcp6 to catch values for client or
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